Bee Guardian Bee Calm Mist

A gentle mist with low tones of Lichen is a calming mist for you to use before you work  with your bees. Use as a light mist on yourself before working the hive. It is also great to have on hand on a hot day or when you need to re-center and calm yourself while working the hive. Working calmly with the bees is the method we teach to keep to have the experience be a kind of symbiotic relationship with the bees and you!

The spray can also be used as an everyday perfume, it is refreshing and light giving a hint of the great outdoors! Lichen as an absolute oil has a long history as the base of many perfumes and is still used today with some perfumers.

1oz spray bottle
Handpicked lichen from Corwin's property in Eldorado Springs