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"I find your video, website and email updates impeccable and of very high quality, demonstrating BackYardHives's integrity and commitment, so I have little doubt that over time the Cathedral Hive Plans with evolve to reflect that standard. I am very happy I stumbled onto your website." Joe C. Canada

Glass Honeycomb Display
"Wow!   Its absolutely gorgeous!   Thank you so much for this amazing piece of art. Lovely.  Very best, Terry O"., San Fransisco

The Cathedral Hive

Hi Karen and team,
Just to give you an update: I have good news! My golden mean hive that I installed last year on the roof of my house in Amsterdam (4th floor) had been building up fast since March/April when pollen and nectar were flown in. They almost doubled their comb numbers :-).
Halfway in May I found some queen cups, so they were preparing for reproduction. I had placed some nucs around and of course I had set up the Cathedral Hive two floors lower at the balcony. Small chance but just in case.
A week ago they swarmed when I was not at home. When I returned I found my Cathedral hive full of bees! So they have chosen their new home and they recognized the beauty of the cathedral hive ;-)

Wishing you all the best. I admire the way you are approaching and innovating on behalf of the bees. ~Melle K. Amsterdam

Just a note to say that my new TBH arrived yesterday. I'm entirely pleased with the craftsmanship and attention to detail. Your manual and "parts list" are helpful, too. Thanks for offering such a fine product!    ~Laura

I am soooo happy to have found you. I work with flowers, founding a line of what I call Nature Essences, and was called to start hives but was utterly dumbfounded at the information given by conventional beekeepers. So I've been hunting for alternatives and all your ideas sync with my novice hunches.....thank you, thank you, thank you....I was just beginning to despair. Can't wait to read your whole site and get started. I just had to drop you a line I was so excited. I'm sure you'll hear from us shortly with an order. And your site is beautiful to behold!!      ~Jeri

I'm very happy to find your site. I have been interested in TBHs for some time. Your site has been very helpful. I am ordering your video. Thanks for a great web site!    ~Ron

I'm writing to let you know how much I love your products !!! I use the propolis everyday and have gotten my mom and sister on it as well. I recently ran out and am traveling and trying to figure out a way to get some here. I have other propolis but it isn’t nearly as good. I swear by it to everyone. I also use the balm for my lips and it’s the best product I’ve ever had for my lips. I'm so happy that you exist. All I wish is I could order it all over the world !!! Thank you for making it !!!
~Pam S. Los Angeles

Thanks for the extremely helpful email. I am excited to hear about all the things you have in the works, and please know that I will order everything as it becomes available! I meant to tell you that I think your website is wonderful - very informative and helpful. Thank you again for the great email. I can't wait to get started.     ~Lisa

The big boxes of beautiful TBH's arrived yesterday--many thanks for the prompt service! From what I can see, the structure is very handsome.

Thanks for the DVD - what brilliant service!!! Just watched it and oh! I'm excited and can't wait to build my own tbh. It looks so EASY and simple and I can hardly believe it! I nearly gave up beekeeping because I felt I needed to know so much and there was always the poking about in the hive that felt wrong etc. This puts beekeeping back into the hands of the backyard peeps and the bees!
Thanks so much!     ~Andria

I just watched your new DVD: Alternative Beekeeping Using 
the Top Bar Hive and The Bee Guardian Methods. Wow... what 
a beautiful presentation!  It is definitely a wonderful 
instructional DVD to backyard beekeeping with a top-bar hive.  ~ Carol K., San Diego, CA

I just finished watching your wonderfully informative (and very well produced!) dvd online! Very helpful thank you!   ~Ron

The new Backyard Hive DVD is incredible. It’s packed full of practical beekeeping instruction, beautiful cinematography and everything you need to know to getstarted as a beekeeper. I’ve been keeping bees for about 4 years now and I learned quite a few new things from this video. I’ll definitely be using it to troubleshoot my hives and improve my methods! Thanks guys - you dida great job!    ~Patty R., Black Hawk, CO