Colorado Bee Swarm Hotline - Free Removal

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Colorado Bee Swarm Hotline

Free Honey Bee Swarm Removal !

We have over 20 years of experience removing Bee Swarms!
Give us a call and we will answer right away and send one of our experienced swarm removers within 15-30 minutes.

We relocate the honey bees to a treatment-free hive with an experienced Bee Guardian. We will remove the bees safely and give them a good home in an established hive.

Honeybee swarm hanging in a small tree

Boulder County
Boulder, Louisville, Lafayette, Longmont, Hygiene, Erie, Gunbarrel, Niwot, Lyons, Nederland, Superior, Ward, Jamestown, Eldorado Springs

Golden, Broomfield, Thornton, Westminster, North Glen, Wheatridge, Arvada, Commerce City, Lakewood, Englewood and Littleton,
Loveland and Fort Collins areas.

When you call please give us details:
Where is the bee swarm located? Front yard, backyard, in a tree?
How high up are the bees?
Could you reach up and touch them?
How long have the bees been there?
How large is the swarm of bees?
The size of a soccer ball, a grapefruit?

Honeybee swarms can appear in unusual places!!


Honeybee swarm hanging in a tree ready to removed

In Colorado honeybees start to swarm the end of April and swarm season goes until the end of May or June. Swarming is a natural process for the honeybees and it is their process of reproduction. In the spring the bees  increase their numbers and the colony makes queen cells to produce a new queen bee in preparation for swarming. When the new queen hatches from the queen cell the bees are ready to swarm. About half of the colony of worker bees will swarm off with the original queen to find a new home.

When the bees swarm from the original hive they will temporarily gather about 10-20 feet away from the original hive and they often like to collect on a nearby tree branch. This is when you call the Colorado Bee Swarm Hotline and we will come remove the swarm for free!

Colorado Bee Swarm Hotline

‪(720) 310-0383

By relocating the swarm before they find a final destination for a new home we can prevent the new swarm from going into someones soffit, chimney, pillar or attic!
Honeybees that are bearding out from a soffit of a house


Honey bee swarm on a fence

Scroll down to see honeybee, wasps and yellow jacket identification.
A Honeybee is fuzzy and lives in a colony with several thousand other honeybees.

A Yellow Jack or Wasp - Shiny Black and Yellow body, wasps live in small groups of a few hundred or less
Yellow jacket and wasps nest

Honey bee swarm close up, cute and fuzzy honeybees!


Honey bees in a retaining wall

Bees inside your soffit- Structural Removal

If you have a hive in a structure or a wasp nests
you need removed, please Contact Us and we can give
you a list of local folks who do structural removals.