Learn Natural Beekeeping Methods

2023 Beekeeping Classes - In-person

We will be holding our classes outside with social distancing and following the Colorado guidelines.

March 18 - 19,  2023 - Boulder, CO
April  8 - 9, 2023 - Boulder, CO
May 20-21,  2023 - Carbondale, CO
June 24 - 25, 2023 - Steamboat Springs, CO

Crestone, CO TBD 


Instructor - Corwin Bell

Corwin has been passionately working with bees for over 20 years. He practices a holistic approach in caring for bees that focuses on enhancing the bee’s immune system through attentive listening, meditative communing, right timing and sustainable methods. In his courses he reveals a connection between bees and humankind as symbolic of a broader interconnection between humans and the natural world.

Corwin promotes a "backyard" hive method and philosophy in which he encourages and inspires interested and willing individuals to connect with bees through an altruistic Guardianship that goes beyond hobbyist beekeeping. Bell travels widely giving lectures and workshops to raise awareness of  honeybee genetic biodiversity and to promote alternatives to conventional beekeeping practices.

Online Classes

We are working hard to get online courses available for everyone! We are excited to share Corwin's knowledge and wisdom of natural beekeeping and expect to have the online courses available in 2023.  Please contact us if you are interested in the courses.

Natural Beekeeping Classes - Session 1 & 2 - Colorado 2023 from $150.00
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Natural Beekeeping Classes - Session 1 - Colorado 2023 from $75.00
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Natural Beekeeping Classes - Session 2 - Colorado 2023 from $75.00
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Questions with Corwin - Mini-Conference Call
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Bee Guardian Intensives w/ Corwin Bell
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Cathedral Hive® Workshop - 2023 Redesigned
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