The Bee Guardian® Hive Tool Quiver

The Bee Guardian® Hive Tool Quiver is designed by Corwin Bell, handmade in Colorado

The Hive Tool Quiver was designed to be the special central tool of the Bee Guardian®, that can be handed down to future generations of Bee Guardians®, from mother to son and from mentor to apprentice.

Keep all of your hive tools and accessories in one place! The Quiver has several pockets for hive tools, beekeeping gloves, beekeeping journal, magnifying glass and more!

The Hive Tool Quiver carries all the essentials necessary to complete a hive inspection in one durable and artistically crafted pouch! Sling it over your shoulder or attach it to your belt and have all of your gear at hand when working with your bees!

Save 25% on the Hive Tools and extras when purchased with the Quiver!

* Durable double weave, watertight, UV resistant canvas
* Three interior pockets to carry Hive Tools and Gloves
* Pockets for magnifying glass, bee journal, epi-pens, Bee Calm essential oil mists
* Leather Sling to carry over your shoulder and Leather Belt Loop
* Leather tie clasp for holding our wooden Bee Herding Tool 
* Detailed classic leather clasps for closing quiver

The fully loaded Quiver includes:
* The Original Hive Tool
* Two 90 Degree Hive Tools
* The Bee Herding Tool
* 60 page Beekeeping Journal
* A 3x/45x Magnifying Glass
* Feather
* Bee Calm essential oil mist for masking bee sting pheromones
* Beekeeper Bee Clam essential oil Mist for soothing and calming the beekeeper

Already have all the hive tools?
Purchase the Quiver only

How the Quiver came about

After many years of working with Bee Guardians and teaching Bee Doctor Intensives Corwin realized that most beekeepers don't have an easy carrying case for all of their tools needed when going to inspect a hive.

"It's so imperative to have all your hives tools with you when working your hive."

Here is an example of the talk that Corwin often witnesses from diligent Bee Guardians working a number of hives

Where's my hive tool? I can't see the eggs, does someone have a magnifying glass? Does everyone know where an epi-pen is? I think we left it at the house.... A bee just stung my glove, does someone have Bee Calm? It would be great to have Beekeeper Bee Clam right now, did I leave it in the car? ....Where's my other comb rescue tool? It's over here in the grass. ...What was the last thing we did to this hive? We should have a hive journal and write everything down. ...Can you brush off the bees? I don't have my feather, oh it's over there on the other hive...use your herding tool, I think this one is yours.”

Let the Quiver be your handy, carry-all case for all your beekeeping adventures

Re-linking Family Generational Beekeeping

Designed and constructed to be passed on for generations

“ I've always endeavored to help reestablish the lost lineage of beekeeping from Mother to son and from mentor to apprentice. The family lineage of beekeeping has, in a couple of generations, been a broken tradition in our culture, to the detriment of the bees, leaving apiculture to commercial operations and queen breeders. The hive smoker has historically been the 'symbol' of a beekeeper, that along with the veil was traditionally handed down to the next generation. Now we know that bees rely on a delicate form of communication through smells and pheromones. Disrupting a colony of bees with smoke in their tiny lungs can set a hive back for several days leaving them confused and unable to effectively communicate with each other. I created the Bee Guardian Hive Tool Quiver to be the new symbol of the Bee Guardian, along with new bee centric practices that respect the honey bee. Now the Bee Guardian Hive Tool Quiver can be the symbol and the central tools can be handed down from generation to generation” Corwin Bell