Bee Hive Tool Quiver - NEW!

Carry all of your hive tools and essentials in on place.
Going out to inspect your hive? Wouldn't it be nice to have all your hive tools, bee journal, gloves, magnifying glass, epi-pens all in one place? The Hive Tool Quiver covers that base, you can carry all the essentials necessary to complete a hive inspection in one durable and artistically crafted pouch! Sling it over your shoulder or attach it to your belt and have all of your gear at hand when working with your bees!

* Durable double weave, watertight, UV resistant canvas
* Three interior pockets to carry Hive Tools and Gloves
* Pockets for magnifying glass, bee journal, epi-pens, Bee Calm mists and more
* Leather Sling to carry over your shoulder and Leather Belt Loop
* Leather tie clasp for carrying Herding Tool 
* Detailed leather clasps for closing quiver

The fully loaded Quiver includes:
* The Original Hive Tool
* Two 90 Degree Hive Tools
* The Bee Herding Tool
* A Bee Journal
* A 3x/10x Magnifying Glass
* Bee Clam Pheromone Mask
* Beekeeper Bee Clam Mist
* A 15% savings on the Hive Tools when purchased with the Quiver

Already have all the hive tools?
Purchase the Quiver only