Bee Herding Tool

The Herding tool, is a specialized tool specific to our Bee Guardian Method of top Bar beekeeping. Instead of brushing your bees off a comb with a bee brush or grass, we "herd" them off of the comb right back into the hive with the Herding tool. We have demonstrated that gently herding the bees is is more calming for them and keeps the bees with in the hive rather then flying all over in the air as they do when you use a brush.

With the herding tool, you gently herd the bees off the comb, moving slowly with the tool urging them to go in the direction you wish. If you observe bees in a swarm or in the hive, you can see them nudging each other, one bee nudges the one in front of her and that bees nudges the next bee in front and so on, soon the whole group is moving along smoothly, kind of like a herd of cattle!. Less stress for everyone! Herding is truly an art form to be perfected. Watching a skilled bee herder is magical !

Designed by Corwin Bell