Bee Guardian Honey - featuring "Haystack Mountain"

Bee Guardian Honey

100% traceable Natural Raw Honey

Bee Guardian Haystack Mountain Honey is rich and complex, with a unique ensemble of flavors. This year's crop is a deep, rich amber with hints of gold when spooned from the jar. Harvested from hives situated in wild fields of Persian olive trees, milkweed and alfalfa in the heart of a region of transition between. Because of the unique combination of nectar sources our bees forage from, Haystack MountainHoney is naturally light and does not crystallize.

  • The honey is raw, unheated and unfiltered
  • No medications are applied to hives including; miticides or antibiotics
  • Our bees are not fed with sugar water, corn syrup, pollen substitutes or any other artificial foods.
  • No treatments including; organic acids, essential oils or powdered sugar dusting are used in the hives or on the bees

Net Wt. 12.3 oz/349g

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