The Light of Hum CD and Song of Increase book combo

Listen to the Bees in the Light of Hum CD and read about the bees in the Song of Increase book.

Corwin Bell performs songs with the bees on the album and Jacqueline Freeman writes about the bees in her book.

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The Light of Hum CD
by Corwin Bell

The voice of the honeybees! The Light of Hum album is an enchanting blend of ancient instruments, synth and affirmations masterfully woven around the voice of honeybees, which can be a vehicle for transformation, healing, and spiritual exploration. Evocative and replenishing, this interweave of honeybee hum-song with chant, song and music creates a unique soundscape for journeying and meditation. Performed and produced by Corwin Bell,founder of and  The Bee Guardian® Organization.

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Song of Increase Book
by Jacqueline Freeman

Interest in sustainable beekeeping is at an all-time high. For anyone eager to learn more about this increasingly popular activity, Song of Increase is a book with the potential to change not just the way you look at honeybees, but your entire relationship with the natural world. “Bee whisperer” Jacqueline Freeman, whose bee and farm YouTube videos have been watched more than a million times, shares spiritual wisdom and practical insights for engaging in a mutually beneficial relationship with these surprising creatures.