The Light of Hum - Album

The voice of the honeybees! The Light of Hum album is an enchanting blend of ancient instruments, synth and affirmations masterfully woven around the voice of honeybees, which can be a vehicle for transformation, healing, and spiritual exploration. Evocative and replenishing, this interweave of honeybee hum-song with chant, song and music creates a unique soundscape for journeying and meditation.

It was performed and produced by Corwin Bell,
founder of and  The Bee Guardian® Organization, a network of backyard beekeepers committed to supporting the health and welfare of the honeybees. Bee Guardians are working worldwide with the bees, integrating them back into our lives and environments, while providing them with supportive, chemical free surroundings to live in.

Bell has received International acclaim for his devotion to the protection and care of honeybees, has worked with bees for over 20 years and has a unique connection to the bees with an additional dimensional awareness that is felt through his music as pure, uplifting and inspirational.
The Light of Hum, is living proof that he has tapped into something astonishing with his unique connection to the honey bee.

The Light of Hum - Visuals

Album Reviews - What people are saying

“The first moment I heard this, the sound blew right inside me and lifted my heart. Every time I play it, I feel the joy of honeybees and humans singing together.”
~Jacqueline Freeman, Spirit Bee

“It was transportive and gorgeous and immediately identifiable (and effective) as Journeying music. I loved it and only wanted more of your beautiful voice.”  ~Laura Bee, College of the Melissae

“I love the interweave of song and bee voice. Your words are evocative and can be "imagined" many different ways. Lovely! Sweet! Makes my heart spill over. Eyes, too. Your voice sweetens the bees.
It is magic. Just magic. So gifted, you are!”
Nature's Peace,  ~ Susan K., Natural Beekeeping Teacher and author

“I just sat with the Light of Hum ... took the journey and wow ... I am still humming inside. It is so so exquisite, the "welcome my friends" (from the track Heal Me). I am moved to tears.  I am SO happy you have created this and it will be shared with the world.”   ~ Debra Roberts, Center for Honeybee Research, The Sacred Path of Bee,  Holy Bee Press


the hum that began thousands of years ago

"I have been working with the bees holistically for over 20 years and my deep concern for the bees has lead to the forming of  The Bee Guardian® Project which is now thousands of individuals who are helping to bring awareness of the bees decline and helping to create safe habitats for the bees worldwide. To further this outreach I have finished the album called "The Light of Hum" which has many of my beautiful bee recordings intermixed with my vocals. The album will be the sound track for my new film with the same name, "The Light of Hum". The album was created to be listened to as a 40 min meditation on the Bees and the beautiful sounds that they make, the hum that began thousands of years ago and has never stopped on our blue planet. I recorded hundreds of hours of the bees hums and have filmed hundred of hours of bees and flowers. The film is inspiring on many levels and by action there is hope for the bees welfare"
~ Corwin  Bell

"An astonishing cinematic journey into the beauty of the honeybee"

The Light of Hum - Visuals

Celebrating Bees

The "Light of Hum" celebrates the triad of bees, flowers and humans.  The bees symbolize Unity, as much as it appears there are many individuals comprising the hive, they are in fact a single organism. The bees gather nourishment (life force) for the whole, by moving out in all directions. As the bees return, their life force becomes part of the hives very structure. They inhabit the collective sum of everything it has gathered. We can also individually bring our own energy into our communities, so that others in the “hive” will benefit from our contribution and everyone has a role in the health and evolution of the “hive”.

The Light of Hum at Burning Man

A live performance of The Light of Hum by Corwin every night at the interactive Red Lightning camp dome at Burning Man to raise awareness of the current state of the honeybee as unsustainable and we need to do everything in our power to make a difference!


“I feel a deep resonance with human voice and bee sound... what you do here is what I would call the medicine of the future!! Very deep and reaching out towards the "Amber realm". “
~ Michael Thiele, Gaia Bees

“I love it. I have been using it in my meditation and it is beautiful! the beginning part I love.
Yesterday I was doing a talk on "Awe" and I listened to your recording before and meditated and I felt a clear voice from the bees on what to say, talk about connection, awakening. It was really great. I talked about bees all night....I love you, thank you for doing this. Keep creating!!!! Keep inspiring!!!!”
~Patricia A., Bee Safe at