Glass Honeycomb Display - Golden Mean Hive or EU National 17-18" bars

Display your honeycomb in this elegant, fine cherry wood serving tray.

Features Include:

  • Fine Cherry Wood, Hand-Crafted in Boulder, Colorado
  • Hand Carved Wooden Honey Drip Tray
  • Removable Glass on both sides, for easy Access and Cleaning
  • Double Strength Glass
  • Fits National or Golden Mean - 17"-18" (43-46cm) Frame or Top Bar

Honey Comb is not included (see how to get a "honeycomb Frame" below).

We all love the beautiful and amazing works of art our bees have created and often we want to show guests and friends these works of art when they come to our house.

Designed by Corwin Bell

Have langstroth Frames? Here is the Langstroth Honehycomb Display 

Now you can display your beautiful harvested honeycombs in our glass Honeycomb Display Stand.

The Honeycomb display is hand-crafted in Boulder, Colorado it’s made of cherry wood and has a has beautiful fine grain and color. It has a removable double strength glass panel, so you can easily access the comb.

The Honeycomb holder comes with a handmade drip tray made of sustainably harvested acacias wood set at the bottom of the Display frame if you choose to serve your honeycomb to guests. This turns the display frame into a serving stand.

The frame display fits both the Golden Mean length top bars (18" length) (17 3/4) and European 17" national frame. We also have a Display stand to fit the Langstroth frames (19" length) in our online store.

The Honeycomb Display Stand for the Top Bar Hive Enthusiast

How many times have you pulled a beautiful honeycomb from your top bar hive and you just can't bring yourself to crush and strain the comb? You Just feel you want to preserve its beauty in order to amaze guests and friends, at lease for a while. What a great way to show kids and others the wonders of the hive by having a honeycomb on display. They get to see an amazing creation by the bees and the intricacies of its construction.

Display for your Harvested Honeycombs

Guests can eat from the honeycomb and it will keep for a very long time.
After each serving you will want to leave the tray at the bottom of the display frame until the honey stops dripping, then insert the glass panel again.