Bee Healed Balm of Gilead Skin Salve

Hand-crafted, small batch made with pure 100% organic wax from our treatment-free bee hives. An aromatically rich all-purpose healingskincare.

"I work with my hands in may different conditions, all day, every day..... I work with them in the dirt, in hot and cold water and weather, with and without gloves. My hands are not soft and smooth. The cuts and splits I get on the corners of each finger are annoying and surprisingly painful, I just grin and bear it. Then 
Bee Healed Salve became available. This salve is a must! A light application to the splits on my fingers before I go to bed and by morning they are ready for another day of work, the annoying cuts are not painful, the salve helps them heal very fast. 
Thank you BackYardHive and the Bees for an amazing product!"
Rose L. biodynamic farmer, Carbondale, CO

Made with our own wild-harvested infused Cottonwood Buds, naturally distilled.
Balm of Gilead has been used for centuries as a skin healing salve. The salicylates found in cottonwood are relatives of aspirin. The salve is anti-microbial, anti-fungal giving the cottonwood balm a huge range of uses for various skin conditions including; eczema, psoriasis, diaper rash, dog paws, small abrasions, burns, bruises, chapped or itchy skin andsoothing dry skin. And of course there is the sweet honey-like aroma of cottonwood.

For best results, gently massage the salve into skin daily before and after gardening, rock climbing and other outdoor activities.

1/2 oz tin