Gift Pack - Bee Products

Bee Calm, Wild Rose Mist, Bee Guardian Mist and Balm of Gilead Salve

Bee Calm  A gentle mist with low tones of Vetiver and cottonwood flowers are a calming mist
Wild Rose Mist -
Hand-picked lichen from our land in Eldorado Springs then naturally distilled in small batch recipes. The combination of Lichen and Rose helped create this beautiful light mist which can be used as a light pick me up spray or evening mist.
Bee Guardian Calm- A gentle mist with low tones of Lichen is a calming mist. Lichen as an absolute oil has a long history as the base of many perfumes and is still used today with some perfumers.
Bee Healed Balm of Gilead- Hand-crafted, small batch made with pure 100% organic wax from our treatment-free beehives. An aromatically rich all-purpose healing skincare. Balm of Gilead has been used for centuries as a skin healing salve.

Three 1oz mist and 1/2oz tin