Glass Honeycomb Display - Langstroth 19" for the Hospitality Industry

Hotels and Restaurants

Display your honeycomb in this elegant Fine Cherry wood stand.

Features Include:

  • Fine Cherry Wood, Hand-crafted in Boulder, Colorado
  • Hand carved wooden honey drip tray
  • Removable Glass on both sides, for easy access and cleaning
  • Double Strength Glass
  • Use Traditional Langstroth Hive 19" (47-48cm) honeycomb frames
  • Accommodates Shallow, Medium, Deep frames up to 9-1/8" (22-23cm)

This 19" frame Honeycomb Display is typically what a Hotel or Restaurant will want to buy.

Honeycomb is not included (see how to get a "honeycomb frames" below).

Show your guests that you care for the honey bees survival by displaying the beautiful and amazing combs the bees create. With a simple information card you can educate and encourage your guests to appreciate how important the protection of this pollinator is for our food supply.

Designed by Corwin Bell

Adding A Touch Of Elegance To Your Buffet, banquet or home

"Our first dessert featured honey, and the display showed a full frame with fresh honeycomb." Rosa P

* * * * *

Serve your guests natural farm-to-restaurant Honeycomb in our glass and cherry wood Serving Display and support honeybee survival