Glass Honeycomb Display - Langstroth 19" for the Hospitality Industry

Hotels and Restaurants and Langstroth beekeepers

Display your honeycomb in this elegant Fine Cherry wood stand.

Features Include:

  • Fine Cherry Wood, Hand-crafted in Boulder, Colorado
  • Hand carved wooden honey drip tray
  • Removable Glass on both sides, for easy access and cleaning
  • Double Strength Glass
  • Use Traditional Langstroth Hive 19" (47-48cm) honeycomb frames
  • Accommodates Shallow, Medium, Deep frames up to 9-1/8" (22-23cm)

This 19" frame Honeycomb Display is typically what a Hotel or Restaurant will want to buy.

Honeycomb is not included (see how to get a "honeycomb frames" below).

Show your guests that you care for the honey bees survival by displaying the beautiful and amazing combs the bees create. With a simple information card you can educate and encourage your guests to appreciate how important the protection of this pollinator is for our food supply.

Designed by Corwin Bell

"Wow!   Its absolutely gorgeous!   Thank you so much for this amazing piece of art. Lovely.  Very best, Terry" O., San Fransisco

Adding A Touch Of Elegance To Your Buffet, banquet or home

"Our first dessert featured honey, and the display showed a full frame with fresh honeycomb." Rosa P

* * * * *

Serve your guests natural farm-to-restaurant Honeycomb in our glass and cherry wood Serving Display and support honeybee survival