Bee Guardian Honey® Company

Unique Flavors from Eldorado Springs and Boulder, Colorado Apiaries

* Raw, Unfiltered Honey
* 100% traceable, each jar of Honey is traceable to the hive it was harvested
* Local
* Single Floral Source
* We use organic practices with our hives, NO chemicals, ever!
* We do not feed sugar to our bees, ever!
* No wax or plastic foundation used in our hives, ever!
* In other words our raw Honey is unadulterated, just pure honey from the source

"We have received all products. The honeycomb and Display Stand are beautiful. The honeys are delicious!!"
Paul Frintrup Chef Country Club of Little Rock, AR


Bee Guardian Honey - featuring "Eldorado Gold" $26.00
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Bee Guardian Honey - featuring "Haystack Mountain" $26.00
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