Bee Guardian Honey - featuring Eldorado Gold "Faithful" Harvest

Bee Guardian Honey

100% traceable Natural Raw Honey

Bee Guardian Eldo Gold 'Faithful' Honey is rich and complex, with a unique ensemble of flavors. This year's crop is a deep, rich amber with hints of gold when spooned from the jar. Harvested from hives situated in wild fields of wild flowers. Because of the unique combination of nectar sources our bees forage from, Eldo Gold Faithful Honey is naturally light and does not crystallize.

  • The honey is raw, unheated and unfiltered
  • No medications are applied to hives including; miticides or antibiotics
  • Our bees are not fed with sugar water, corn syrup, pollen substitutes or any other artificial foods.
  • No treatments including; organic acids, essential oils or powdered sugar dusting are used in the hives or on the bees

Net Wt. 15 oz/425g

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The Hay Stack Mountian bee hives are in their own little unique world separated and surrounded by miles of natural open space, dense with endemic and medicinal plants.  Eldorado Springs Apiary lays in the heart of a region of transition between two biological communities, called an Ecotone. This unique and diverse location between plains riparian habitat and a foothills habitat engenders a diverse, unique nectar from a multitude of medicinal flowers. Because of the unique combination of nectar sources our bees forage from, Eldorado Gold honey is naturally creamed and opalescent without any mechanical means, just by the virtue of the flower nectar's. All of our hives are Top Bar hives or Cathedral Hives, this means that the honey is harvested from virgin comb every every time.

Because of the "habitat diversity",  number of different types of habitats within a given area, we have a rare and unique botany of flowering plants.

Dominent nector plants

In the spring when this honey was harvested. There are ample mullein plants.

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