Towards Saving the Honeybee - Beekeeping Book

A book from a pioneer in the field of beekeeping, Gunther Hauk, addresses the current plight of the honeybee and that noble creature’s reaction to the past 100 years of hive mechanization and human manipulation. Hauk, a biodynamic gardener and beekeeper for over 25 years, approaches the bee “as a sick patient who has been trying for years to signal to us the deep crises of its diminishing life forces and its increasing inability to resonate with the environment.” Toward Saving the Honeybee presents the bee colony as a complex and delicate organism, with a life and vital functions far beyond the production of honey. Construction of the hive, colony hierarchy, swarming, as well as foul brood, mites and disease are all discussed in the context of the hive as a whole. Softcover, 80 pages