Song of Increase - Bee Book by Jacqueline Freeman

Listening to the Wisdom of Honeybees for Kinder Beekeeping and a Better World

Interest in sustainable beekeeping is at an all-time high. For anyone eager to learn more about this increasingly popular activity, Song of Increase is a book with the potential to change not just the way you look at honeybees, but your entire relationship with the natural world. “Bee whisperer” Jacqueline Freeman, whose bee and farm YouTube videos have been watched more than a million times, shares spiritual wisdom and practical insights for engaging in a mutually beneficial relationship with these surprising creatures.

Jacqueline Freeman

Jacqueline Freeman is a biodynamic farmer and natural beekeeper who speaks at national events including the Organic Beekeepers Conference, Women in Agriculture, and permaculture and nature conferences. She lives in Washington state. For more, visit

Susan Chernak McElroy
Susan Chernak McElroy is the author of the national bestselling book Animals as Teachers and Healers; and Animals as Guides for the Soul. Diagnosed with terminal cancer in 1987, she survived - by following the dignified, joyful example of her dog Keesha, who had died ten years earlier of the same type of cancer.McElroy and her husband live in Oregon, where they share their farm with miniature donkeys, llamas, chickens, geese, cats, dogs, and a cockatoo.


“Song of Increase opens up a mystical realm of deep communication with nature. Learn the wisdom of the bees, and you will never look at the world the same way again.” ―Starhawk, author of The Spiral Dance and The Fifth Sacred Thing

“I have been deeply moved by this book. Jacqueline’s work with bees is truly extraordinary. This book has the potential to transform beekeeping and transform the world.” ―Susan Chernak McElroy, author of Animals as Teachers and Healers

“This book is a treasure of honeybee philosophy. Jacqueline profiles the many ways bees connect within the hive, with the world outside the hive, with agriculture, and with the beekeeper. Spend time watching your hives. What the bees say in this book is right.” ―Nathan Rausch, biodynamic beekeeper, Snoqualmie Valley Beekeepers

“This book is a jewel. I am having a total can’t-put-the-book-down/don’t-want-it-ever-to-end experience. This is holy bee communion. This book is one of the great bee books of our times. It speaks to the relationship with the sacred that is so precious. The book is divinely timed, eloquent, honest, compassionate, and completely full of love. And probably brave, too, because this work is clearly the result of a deep and intimate dive into the divine. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for sharing this.” ―Debra Roberts, master beekeeper, natural beekeeping educator, The Center for Honeybee Research

“Beekeeping is a sacred occupation. This book grounds that intuitive knowing and informs my work with my bees . . . the drones singing the song of creation to the babies, the joy of the maiden bees when they find nectar and flowers, the search for the sun as the virgin queen begins her marriage flight. All these images live within me as I interact with the bees, opening my heart and mind to the beauty of life in the hive. Quite literally, this book has changed my life.” ―Patti Pitcher, biodynamic farmer and educator, The Farm Wife Mystery School