Cathedral Hive® Workshop - 2024

2024 Dates to Be Announced

Our Online Classes will cover using the Cathedral Hive

Join Corwin for the day learning about the new Cathedral Hive®!

Session I & II are a prerequisite
The Cathedral Hive® Workshop is specifically geared toward examining the amazing and natural way the bees develop their nest and utilize the Cathedral Hives hexagonal cavity. The Cathedral workshop will demonstrate how the 'colony regulated venting system' works and  we will get an in depth look at how the bees use the "super highway" for winter migrations through the honey stores and for their own hive nest productivity. We will have the unique opportunity to spend time going through two "non active" experimental Cathedral Hive® nests. One Cathedral Hive® was established 6 years ago from a swarm and intentionally left without any hive management or intervention. Here we will discover that this hive's 4th year dwindling was because of the need to open up the brood nest, which would have allowed the colony to continue to grow and prosper. The second Cathedral Hive® we will examine was established from a very small swarm late in the season. Inspecting this hive will give us the opportunity to see how the initial nest construction begins in this unique hive cavity and what could have been done to enable them to overwinter successfully. If weather permits we will venture into a live Cathedral Hive® at Corwin's apiary and learn special techniques developed for the management and movement of the Hexagonal bars.