2024 Bee Packages

Bee Packages 2024 - Boulder, Colorado Pickup Only

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Bee Package Pick Up Saturday, April 27th

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Limit one package per person we have a limited number of packages.

Bee Packages are for folks who have taken our classes or are going to take the our 2024 Beekeeping Classes.

We suggest the Russian bees as they overwinter well in cold climates and we have had good luck with them.

Cost :
Russian   $210  - 3lb package of bees
Carniolan $184  - 3lb package of bees
Russian Bees are purebred queens and not hybrids and are hardy bees and winter very well in cold climates.

Carniolan Bees they respond quickly to pollen and nectar availability and winter well in Colorado

Pickup location: north Boulder/Longmont, CO

Pickup Date:  End of April

We always attempt a pickup day that best supports the bees during spring weather fluctuations. Prairie Wind Bee Supply or BackYardHive.com are not liable or responsible for anything after the bees are picked up. We will provide information on installing the bees at our classes and our emails.

Note to mountain folks:
Remember that bee packages do not normally do well for the higher elevations since they come mid to late April and the weather is not warm enough for a package of bees that will not have comb built out yet to keep themselves warm in April temperatures.

Email Contact Us if you are wanting more than one package and we will put on the reserve list.

Limit one package per person we have a limited number of packages.

Installing the Package of Bees will go something like this