The Cathedral Northern Lights Hive® - Unassembled

Update: July 2024 -  Please contact us to be put on the list for summer 2024 kits. The un-assembled Cathedral Hive is $685 plus shipping

Assemble a Cathedral Hive® from pre-cut parts! No figuring out the hive plans or cutting the numerous pieces of wood or making the Cathedral Bars.

  • Hive Body parts (with all vent holes drilled and vent slots made)
  • Ventilated, Peaked Cedar Roof parts with Copper trim
  • Glass Viewing Window - Fully installed into hive side
  • Set of 18 Fully Assembled Cathedral Bars with holes on all segments -new
  • Hexagon Falseback, Front & Back Wall Boards
  • Stainless steel hardware set and screen material
  • Assembly diagram and Step by Step instructions with photos


We know that building the Cathedral Hive® from just the plans is not for everyone and can be challenging for those without advanced woodworking skills. The un-assembled kit still requires some woodworking skills with gluing, screwing and detailed assembling.

Please Note: The Cathedral Northern Lights Hives® are made by hand, not a factory and can take 2-6 weeks in production. 

The Cathedral Hive Top Bar Hive by Corwin Bell

All Cathedral Hive® Parts Cut, ready to assemble!

We have received great feedback on the Cathedral Hives® from all the people who have been enjoying their Cathedral Hives® they either bought or build from our plans. Not everyone has the skills or the tools to construct the Cathedral Hive®, so we created a Cathedral Bee Hive Kit. Our Bee Hive Kit Un-assembled includes all the hive parts, hardware and instructions needed to put together the Cathedral Hive®.

We have been working hard to make the Cathedral Hive® Un-assembled as low a cost as possible, while insuring that the difficult aspects of the construction are pre-assembled and furnished in the parts kit. Some woodworking tools and jigs are needed to put together The Cathedral Hive® Un-assembled. note: the screw holes are not pre-drilled, you have to be proficient with a screw gun! this is not a simple screw together kit!

List of finished parts included in the unassembled Kit:

- All hexagonal bars come assembled and passage holes drilled.

- Glass window is cut and installed in side hive panel.

- All vent holes and end panel slots are finished.

The Cathedral Hive® - Un-assembled comes with all the hive body parts and parts for the ventilated roof. But most importantly it comes with all the Cathedral Bars totally assembled and ready for the bees!

The Cathedral Hive® parts include:
    -  Hive Body parts (All vent holes drilled and vent slots made)
    -  Ventilated Roof parts
    -  Glass Viewing Window - Fully assembled installed in one of the hive body panels
    -  Hexagon False back and Front blank board
    -  Stainless steel Hardware set and screen material
    -  Assembly diagram and step by step instructions with photos
    -  Set of 20 Fully Assembled Cathedral Bars!

The Cathedral Hive® Un-assembled is not just a "screw together assembly kit"
Some basic woodworking skills and tools are required to assemble the hive.