Cathedral Hive & Golden Mean Hive Stand

A handmade, artisan Beehive Stand for the Cathedral Hive®, Cathedral Northern Lights Hive® and it also fits our Golden Mean Hive. Our Hive Stand will hold the weight of a Cathedral Hive® full of honey. Now that's sturdy!!

We are super excited about the new Cathedral Hive Stand. It was challenging to come up with a design that would be capable of holding the weight of full Cathedral Hive® and still look beautiful! Did you know that a Cathedral Hive® totally full of honey stores can weigh up to 150 pounds? Corwin Bell, owner of BackYardHive designed the Hive Stand to ensure a strong and long lasting stand. We worked with John to get what we think the optimal height should be so we could easily look into the window of the hive without crouching down.The Hive Stand also puts the hive at a good height for opening the hive and working with the bars.

The Hive Stand is made from pine, larch, reclaimed redwood and birch. Oiling your Hive Stand with an orange oil will help protect it  from the sun and outside elements We use Howard's Sunshield Orange Wood Protector. The Hive Stand ships flat and assembles in minutes.

The Hive Stand is about 21" in height which puts the hive at a good working height