Artisan Hive Tool

We have partnered with one of the best welders in Colorado, Betsy Bower of Betsy Inferno to bring you this hand-crafted extra durable hive tool.

An upgrade from our original design, this heavy duty hive tool can handle the pressure of beekeeping without bending over time. 

Made with steel and finished with our own beeswax, this hive tool will last you many lifetimes. 

Why did we make a new kind of hive tool?

 The traditional hive tool forces the beekeeper to put their hands (gloved or not) into the hive, and as you reuse gloves or go from hive to hive, you are bringing the scent from one hive into another. The extra length of the Artisan Hive Tool helps to keep your hands out of the hive, making sure you don't interrupt the flow of information that for bees, happens with pheromones.

Additionally, the delicate design allows you to do precision work inside the hive, cutting off pieces of comb, micro-herding, and minimizing the amount of destruction as you break apart wax and propolis out of necessity. 

With the Artisan Hive Tool, you won't need multiple tools to pry open bars, break adhesions and sample pieces of comb.

A bit about betsy

Betsy Bower grew up in Casper, Wyoming around metal work and it was clear from a young age that she was a natural talent. You can find Betsy's work all over Wyoming, but lucky for us she has brought her skills out to Colorado. Possessing an amazing artistry and flair for seeing the natural world as inspiration, we knew Betsy would be the perfect fit to partner with BackyardHive and bring our improved hive tools to life. 

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