Hive Tool - 90 Degree Tool

This is a great addition to your hive tool kit!

Designed as a clean up tool, but mainly we call it the rescue tool. Because of the flat blade, the 90 degree angle and the genius walking beads, it allows you to get underneath comb that is about to fall or has fallen and "forklift" is safely out of the hive. Our Bee Doctors all carry two of these great tools to rescue fallen combs.

The tool has 2 small metal beads welded on the bottom so that you can easily toe/heel step the tool across the floor in order to loosen any attachments at the bottom of the hive. The tool can also be used as an extra support when removing full combs as it can easily scoot underneath, acting as a supportive ledge when lifting the combs from the hive.

Designed by Corwin Bell