The Golden Mean Hive - Standard Bars

Fully Assembled Hives that are ready for bees!

  • Glass Viewing Window
  • Full set of one piece precision Milled Top Bars (18 triangle top bars)
  • False back
  • Hardwood spacers
  • Front entrance with full landing board
  • Sustainably sourced Pine wood

The Golden Mean hive was developed by Corwin Bell after noticing how productive the bees were in hives that Corwin had built that were in Golden Mean proportion. Fully drawn honey combs weigh in at 7 pounds each, a very manageable weight.

Update: May 2020 We normally have Golden Mean Hives in stock and ready to ship but with effects of Covid-19 hives may be delayed a few days.

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Staying in Sync with Nature

The wider and taller design of the Golden Mean Hive allows for a bigger brood nest. The bigger the brood nest, the faster the colony will expand. With a good nectar flow, the Golden Mean Hive can fill up with honey combs in just a couple of months.

The Golden Mean Top Bar Bee Hive designed by Corwin Bell

Beekeeping 101 Golden Mean Hive

"The smaller brood nest the better the bees will over winter.  Smaller hives generally are much less likely to die from mites in over wintering. I began top bar beekeeping using Marty Hardison hive designs. What a great hive design, but the problem for me was there were so many bees, working these big volume top bar hives required a big commitment and a good pep talk to oneself before cracking it open. I think that the total number of bees in the Golden Mean Hive is much more manageable for inexperienced beekeepers." Corwin Bell