Catching a Honey Bee Swarm

by Corwin Bell October 02, 2017 9 min read

How to catch a swarm of honey bees. 

By Will Dart
My bee-wrangling journey began very simply, with a call to a bee supply company in a neighboring town. I was looking for a swarm to purchase; the woman I spoke with informed me that they were out of swarms (I called in June, too late in the season), but that she could put me on their “swarm list” if I wanted.

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New BeeGuardain® Veil : Why we love this new product!

by Corwin Bell October 02, 2017 6 min read

After years of using beekeeping veils with basic functionality and poor visibility we realized we needed to re-imagine how this 100 year old technology of the traditional beekeeping veils could be modernized and improve the beekeeper's experience.

Beekeeping can yield delicious rewards of fresh honeycomb but isn't the true reward being able to observe our bees clearly and be visually captivated by our precious bees at work?
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Passage Bars for our Top Bar Hives

by Corwin Bell September 27, 2017 2 min read

Specially designed top bars that improve the bees efficiency, health, ability to self ventilate the nest and improves overwintering, by providing passages for the bees to efficiently migrate through the honey stores.
Our Cathedral Hive "Passage Bar" design is now available for the Golden Mean and Original BackYard Hives. Integrated top bar feature we call the "Super Highway".
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