December 03, 2017 1 min read

What is a Bee Guardian?     

A Bee Guardian is interested, in aiding bees as a species in order to recapture their genetic vitality and diversity. Bee Guardians utilize beekeeping methods that respect the honeybee and oversee the local environment, ensuring it to be safe for the bees.

The Bee Guardian is committed to the nature of the bee, allowing the bees to maintain a strong immune system through organic practices and methods that do not overly stress the colonies. In this way our local strains will begin a process of natural selection, building up immunity against diseases and adapting to changes in local climate. The bees will have a consistent home and environment enabling them to reestablish genetic diversity by reallocating fitness resources toward adaptive evolution rather then hanging on the thread of pure survival in a extremely demanding mechanized beekeeping industry.

While it is apparent that an evolution in beekeeping needs to emerge, it is imperative that a bee-caring Guardianship is immediately put into place as we face this moment of instability of the planet's biosphere. A sufficient number of Bee Guardians preserving healthy colonies will offer substantial pollination relief to these areas, while also acting as insurance in the case that science and the beekeeping industry cannot secure a viable solution to the potential collapse of the bees in time. 

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