Robber Scout Bee Trap® - NEW!

Catch robber bee scouts at your hive before they have a chance to report back and recruit hordes of robber bees!

* Stop robbing from ever beginning!
* Robbing is a serious problem & one of the biggest causes of hive collapses

* Detain investigating scout bees so they cannot recruit their hive mates
* Easy 5-10 minute install onto the entrance of your hive

The key to deterring robbing is to never let your hive become a target for raids of robbing bees. This can be achieved by using the Robber Bee Scout Trap®, to trap and detain investigating scout bees that are dispatched from neighboring hives. The robbers are let go at sundown leaving with nothing to report back to their hive mates.


TheRobber Bee Scout Trap®is designed to stop robbing from ever beginning!


It is standard knowledge that a strong antagonist or opportunist beehive will send out Scouts to locate vulnerable beehives during a fall nectar dearth. These devious scout bees work to gain access into smaller hives. When the robber bee scouts are successful, usually by persistence and sheer stealth, they need only to snatch a sample of honey from the defending hive and return home to recruit other cowardly bees. The recruiting of robber bees is remarkably exponential in nature, and soon a few bees becomes a constant stream of robber bees fighting to gain full access onto thevictim colony's honey stores.


Robbing is a serious problem and one of the biggest causes of hive collapses for beekeepers. Stronger hives or multiple strong hives have considerable advantage by overpowering a smaller or weaker hive's defenses. After the victim hive looses its defending guard bees the hive is open to any bees in the neighborhood. The robbing event has several components that make it a huge threat to backyard beekeepers that often lead to complete extermination of the host colony. Once a hive is getting robbed the beekeeper has to take drastic measures to keep the hive from being devastated and often it is too late to do much of anything.


The Robber Bee Scout Trap® is designed to catch the scouts and jail them until sundown. When these unsuccessful scout bees return home at dusk, they are treated as incompetent and no other bee in their colony is interested or willing to hear about their failed, futile mission, so no other bees get recruited to go and rob your hive.


How It works

The Robber Bee Scout Trap® is a devise that is installed onto the landing board in front of the hive entrance. The Trap consists of a “false or fake” landing board entrance, a simple confusion maze and a screened robber bee jail. The Robber Bee Scout Trap® works by allowing the home bees to learn a new non-typical, alternate entrance to come and go. It is important to install the Robber Bee Scout Trap® before robbing season begins, because the bees of the home hive that are being protected need to have time to learn their new entrance and how to avoid being trapped. The familiarization period takes less then a week.

More effective than an entrance screen

When the robber bee scouts arrive to try to gain access to the hive, they land on what looks like a typical bee hive entrance. The robber bees are confused because they can smell and see the actual hive landing board, but they cannot advance forward because they are separated by a screen. The robber bees frantically pace back and forth along the fake entrance looking for a way in. On either side of the fake entrance is the “simple maze” consisting of enticing drilled holes, which the robber scouts must investigate. As the robber bee scout enters the dark space in the simple maze they see light issuing from another lower drilled hole that attracts their attention. Once the robber bee ventures down and enters the lower hole they find themselves walking into the bee jail.

Why the extended entry way is important for the bees temperature regulation and defense of the hive.

The Robber Scout Bee Trap® is designed to screen off the hive entrance at the end of the landing board rather then being pressed right against the entrance opening. This space allows for full ventilation and allows the entire landing board to be used by guards to petrol and defend from robber bees or yellow jackets. The roof of the Trap helps to further cool the hive by shading the landing board from the sun.


What are other strategies to try to stop robbing?

An “entrance reducer” or a screen taped right to the entrance is the most common practice to close down the hive entrance during robbing season. An entrance reducer is a permanent wood or plastic insert that has a small hole only for just a few bees to pass. Closing down most of the entrance with an entrance reducer can be very risky. If the temperatures rises, often the bees do not have enough ventilation or air exchange to keep the colony cool and it will overheat. If the hive does not collapse from overheating there still exists a hidden danger of mold in the hive caused from the bees desperately bringing in copious amounts of water to cool the hive. If the temperatures drops there will be excess moisture in the hive which will cause mold to develop.