Meshing for Honey Harvest

Top bar hives employ a method of harvesting called "crush and strain".

This fine mesh does a superior job of clarifying strained honey

When harvesting honeycomb, use this meshing to strain the honey, separating the comb from the honey, so you are left with a delicious jar of honey!

This method allows the bees to start making virgin comb each time, insuring that the comb is free of environmental pesticides and the honey is always pure.

  • 12" x 12" square (fits a half gallon Mason jar or small sauce pan)
  • 24"x 24" square (fits a large cooking pot or 5 gallon bucket)
Secure the meshing to the rim of the vessel with duct tape or better yet a bungee cord.

Crush and Strain Method

The single comb harvesting method benefits the bees. To harvest a single comb the hive only needs to be opened very briefly, usually only for a minute or so, and the bees hardly get disturbed at all. This is really a good method for a beginner to start with, because it is not as involved or intimidating as harvesting a bunch of combs at once