Glass Falseback - Top Bar Hive

Watch as your bees build comb and fill cells with nectar and pollen. Corwin created the Glass Falseback to offer the Bee Guardian a view into the bees world.Place the Glass Falseback into the hive while working with your bees to pause for a moment and watch the bees in action to observe their amazing behaviors up close and with a clear view!

Get setup with the best tools when working your hive. The Glass Falseback allows you to observe the bees before, during and after working your hive. It is a great way to observe your bees without fully opening the hive. Honeybees have one of the most complex pheromonal communication systems found in nature and  constantly opening the hive just to say 'hi!' disrupts this delicate balance. Yes it is important to fully open the hive and look in on your bees but when you just want to sit back and watch your bees, use the Glass Falseback!

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Golden Mean
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