Wisdom of the Bee - Principles for Biodynamic Beekeeping

by Erik Berrevoets

An accessible and essential introduction to the urgent subject of holistic beekeeping practices.

While the benefits of Rudolf Steiner's research into agriculture and education are increasingly recognized, his research into the nature of bees has had limited impact on beekeeping practices and on our general understanding of nature. Wisdom of the Bees examines Steiner's insights and research into the nature of bees and their implications for the future of beekeeping.

Today, more than eighty years after Steiner presented his lectures on bees, we are confronted with a situation he predicted — a serious decline of honeybees around the world. This fact alone justifies Wisdom of the Bees, a practical and timely introduction to biodynamic beekeeping. Erik Berrevoets, an experience beekeeper, revisits those seminal lectures and reexamines Steiner's observations and insights in the context of today's dire situation, while providing practical advice for modern beekeeping practices.