Bee Hive Plans - Golden Mean Top Bar Hive

The Golden Mean top bar hive was developed by Corwin Bell after noticing how productive the bees were in hives that Corwin had built that were in Golden Mean proportion.In the Golden Mean hive, the bees tend to bee more productive in drawing out combs resulting in more honey production.

*Viewing window 
The viewing window allows the beekeeper to look inside the hive without disturbing the bees. This is a less invasive practice.

*Triangle (wedge shape) Top Bars
The one piece, wedge shaped Top Bars give the bees a better guide to create a straight comb along the entire length of the Top Bar.

All of our Top Bar Hive Plans provide all of the measurements, specifications, and materials you will need to build a complete bee hive.

3 options for buying the Hive Plans:

1) The Hive Plans only

2) The Hive Plans & Hardware (Hardware consists of all the screws and window latches)

3) The Kit - Hive Plans, a full Set of Top Bars, hardware & spacers. The Top Bars  are the hardest part of the hive to create so getting a Set of the Top Bars will ensure a good start to creating a bee hive that is ready for bees.