Top Bar Nuc Box - Original BackYardHive

We are discontinuing our Original BackYardHive please see our Golden Mean Hive Nuc it is our best seller.

Fully assembled Golden Mean Hives are in stock and ready to ship for the 2019 bee season!

The Golden Mean Hive is the same volume as the Original BackYardHive

Top Bar Hive Nucleolus or "Nuc' has many purposes

-Swarm catching (a great size to retrieve a swarm of bees)
-Hold combs while working on your hive
-Transfer combs to another hive
-Transfer a swarm into a full hive
-Splitting hives

The Original BackYardHive size Nuc includes:
- 12 (14 1/2" length) top bars - precision milled triangle wedge
- Handles for easy carrying and transporting
- Nuc comes fully assembled!