'The Burbs and the Bees ' featuring Corwin Bell on PBS!

December 03, 2017 1 min read

Urban Conversion's national debut on Create TV .
Check your local listing at  Create TV for The "Burbs and the Bees" Episode!

Corwin shows bee-neophyte, Rodman, how to easily setup bees in his own backyard without having to run and hide from the bees. Rodman from Urban Conversion, a media group in Colorado, wanting to get the word out about being green and sustainable in your own backyard, visits Corwin's Eldorado Apiary and learns about the bees.

Check out "The Burbs and the Bees" teaser trailer

Gina's desire to get her own backyard bee hive sends Rodman seeking advise from holistic bee keeper Corwin Bell. Corwin teaches Rodman the importance of bees in agriculture and why backyard beekeeping is not only doable, but how bee stewardship is important to our global future