Insulation Panels for Original BackYardHive

NEW 'BeeHive Cozy Cover' coming Mid-October 2018

Insulation Panels not available at this time, Contact Us for more info

Insulate your hive in the winter with these well-crafted insulation panels. The panels are made from pine and contain blue foam insulation. There are five parts: 2 panels to cover the sides of the hive and 2 panels for the front and back of the hive. Also included is a sheet of insulation to fit between the lid of your hive and your roof. The panels easily attach with latches and bungee cords (included).

BackYardHive - Insulation Panels
Sides = 38" x 9" 
Ends (trapezoid ) = 14" W (top) x 12" W (bottom) x 10" H
Top = 38" x 14 1/2"