The Cathedral Northern Lights Hive® - Fully Assembled

The same great Cathedral Hive® design now with added features!

We are building small batches of the Cathedral Northern Lights Hive®
Hives take 2-3 weeks for this detailed custom hive

We will offer the un-assembled version of the Northern Lights Hive®.

The Cathedral Northern Lights Hive® includes:

  • Complete Hive body, which includes top and bottom section
  • Thick 7/8" rough sawn wood for excellent insulative properties
  • 18 Hexagonal Bars -newly designed with Passageways
      and Ventilation System on all 3 segments of the bar
  • Ventilated Peaked Roof
  • Hexagonal falseback, front & back wall boards 
  • 1 Viewing Window with window cover
  • Beetle-kill pine wood body, reclaimed redwood or pine top bars
  • Instructions for preparing the hive for bees

This new version of the Cathedral Hive® is affordable, it’s rustic, and it has newly added features. Corwin is constantly improving his designs and over the past 6 years, since his first innovation of the original Cathedral Hive® he is ready to launch the Cathedral Northern Lights Hive®.
* Thick, 7/8" rough sawn wood and is meant to withstand the climate change we are experiencing and especially the winter weather phenomenon of large temperature variations in a short period of time.
* Accommodates 1-1/2" thick insulation all around the hive.
* New Passage Bars that have ventilation and passage slots on ALL 3 segments of the hexagon bar! This allows the bees to easily circulate air through the hive keeping the hive at optimal temperatures. The added passageways allow the bees even easier access from comb to comb
* New integrated Landing Board

Same great design - New Features

The Cathedral Hive® is no doubt the Cadillac of alternative hive designs, the craftsmanship is exceptional, the ease of management is light years ahead of other hive designs. The colonies overwintering survival rate is proven. We have been listening to you and although many of you want to reach out to The Cathedral Hive® understandably can’t afford the price tag for The Cathedral Hive®, but it’s such a great hive and the amount of labor that goes into its construction is extensive!